Monarch Children’s Justice and Advocacy Center

Services provided for child victims

We work to reduce the incidence and impact of child abuse by providing a coordinated, multidisciplinary response to victims of child abuse and their families. This response includes prevention, investigation, prosecution, and treatment. This includes community partners who are experts in those areas. In conjunction with our partner agencies, Monarch provided a wide range of services at no cost to 839 child victims and their families last year.

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About the Program

Monarch Children’s Justice and Advocacy Center (MCJAC) is a program of the Community Action Council serving children and families in Thurston County, Washington. MCJAC is one of eight operating advocacy centers in the State of Washington and one of over 600 nationwide.

A multidisciplinary team is changing the way the community responds to child victims of sexual abuse. The multidisciplinary team approach offers child victims and their families a place where they can access the help they need to heal emotionally and physically from abuse.

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Monarch works with a service dog, Astro, who is trained by Assistance Dogs of Hawaii and is brought to Monarch by the Courthouse Dogs Foundation. Astro accompanies child victims being treated at Monarch’s Center during interviews, investigation, therapy and even into the courtroom. His presence is calming and reduces stress for victims as they go through all the steps of disclosure, investigation, prosecution, and healing. Monarch, Astro, and all partners work to reduce in the incidence and impact of child abuse by providing a coordinated, child-centered, specialized multidisciplinary response, to victims and their families.

Services We Provide
MCJAC, in conjunction with their partner agencies, offers a wide range of services at no cost to child victims, their families, and adult survivors including:

  • Investigation: Forensic Interviews, Medical Evaluations, Multidisciplinary Case Staffing, Case Tracking
  • Therapy: Primary victims (child, adolescent, and adult); Family Members and Siblings; Individual, Group, Couples, and Family Therapy.
  • Education and Prevention: Community Outreach and Education, Professional Training
  • Advocacy: Information and Referral Services, Multidisciplinary Team Staffing, Victim Advocacy

Monarch has its own website! For more information visit: HERE!


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