Mission, Vision, and Values

At Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason, and Thurston Counties, we are dedicated to people’s right to thrive and define their own potential. We disrupt white supremacy culture and advocate for all members of our community to flourish.

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Creativity: We are committed to curiosity and cultivating an organizational culture that creates room for and nurtures creativity in how we do our work, how we meet the needs of the communities we serve and how we support each individual we work with.

Disruption: We recognize that to embody being anti-poverty and anti-racist in the communities we serve, we must disrupt practices that have created harm to individuals, organizations, and communities to be a beacon of truth.

Kindness: We meet people where they are, listen to their needs, believe their lived experiences, are committed to seeing the whole person, and to walk with them on their journeys.

Inclusion: We believe that all people deserve to feel deeply rooted belonging and we center our teams and clients in every decision we make.

Stewardship: We understand that what we do today creates the foundation for tomorrow. We lead with transparency and an eye to the future to promote a better, more equitable landscape for all.

Joy: We create spaces where joy can thrive, where full belly laughs are heard, and where people feel hopeful for tomorrow.

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