Energy & Weatherization


Our LIHWAP Water Assistance program believes in providing equitable, confidential, and reliable water assistance services to low-income families and individuals. Since October 1, 2022, through the federally funded program, we have already provided water assistance to over 900 people. If interested, please call our offices at (360) 438-1100 to make an appointment.


LIHWAP, a federally funded program, created during the 2021-22 LIHEAP season, assists residents with their water bill costs.

To be eligible for water assistance, you must be eligible for LIHEAP. 

The program begins in the fall and continues until all funds are committed. Due to limited funding, we are unable to serve everyone who is in need of these services, so do not hesitate to call if you believe you may be eligible. See eligibility requirements below.

Those who are low-income and need assistance paying their water bill are eligible to receive this service.

To further determine eligibility we look at:

  • Household Size
  • Income

Use the LIHEAP chart below to see if your household may be income eligible for water assistance through the LIHWAP program. Eligibility for LIHWAP is identical to eligibility for LIHEAP.

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