Emergency Food Assistance Program

Alleviating Hunger in Washington State

The mission of the Emergency Food Assistance Program is to alleviate hunger in the state of Washington by providing funds, technical assistance, and information to community programs that deliver emergency food and services to hungry people.

For both the food bank and voucher program, the state sets a minimum requirement that clients simply declare they do not have the resources to feed themselves and their families. Food banks and tribes may have additional requirements, such as the client must live in a certain geographic area or they only access services so many times within a year. However, providers may not discriminate against any class of people.


EFAP Programs Location County Phone Number
Community Food Pantry Belfair Mason 360.552.2600
Hood Canal Food Bank Hoodsport/Shelton Mason 360.877.6623
Matlock Food Bank Matlock Mason 360.426.7632
North Mason Food Bank Belfair Mason 360.275.4615
The Saints Pantry Food Bank Shelton Mason 360.427.8847
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