The 2022 Community Action Council audit has been completed, and we are proud to report that we have once again been found to be excellent stewards of public funds. We take our responsibility to the community seriously, and we strive to build trust by making our audits widely available.

Our programmatic practices and financials were reviewed by an independent third-­party accounting firm, and we are pleased to report that the 2022 Audit builds on the success of our 2021 Audit, which also found no programmatic issues. The auditors specifically praised our Housing Team’s Treasury Rental Assistance Program processes, which serves as a testament to the Council’s long-standing commitment to service delivery.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our Housing Team for their outstanding work and commitment to serving our community. Despite the misinterpreted information and criticism from Thurston County, the Council’s excellent history of service delivery has been confirmed by the auditors.

We remain committed to our mission of serving our community and ensuring that our programs are run with the utmost integrity and transparency. The 2022 Audit demonstrates our continued dedication to this goal, and we look forward to sharing our future successes with the community.

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